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While often unthought of, many houses require retaining walls. These handy builds can prevent soil erosion, flooding, sinkholes, drainage and other common hazards around the home. Whether you need a small set of borders for a small garden, or a larger wall around your perimeter of your home, Tridcon can provide durable and reliable systems that will be functioning as desired for many years to come.

Thinking of putting in a retaining wall? Whatever you need, across many areas in Melbourne including Lilydale, Ringwood, Doncaster, and Yarra Valley and Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Tridcon has you covered. Your specific needs might benefit more from a particular material and our specialist advice can assist you in making the most applicable decision to meet specific requirements.

With any major addition to your home, Tridcon understands that the appearance of the final structure is of great importance. We design and build with your unique vision in mind and incorporate your style using the best materials available and expert craftsmanship, in order to deliver a spectacular end result.

Take the worry out of building your retaining wall. Tridcon is dedicated to ensuring the best design solution for the safety, functionality and individual satisfaction of your new retaining wall.